Dirty Politics in Hong Kong

The politician and the rich in Hong Kong has been attempting to create the
myth that they and their heirs are the inborn elite
of the society and the only ones. To do so, they try to control and
interfere the lives of those, who would pose threat to
their status or who are "too competent". These rich men and politicians
cannot stand those, who do not belong to their groups
or are not their heirs but appears to be superior to them, because the myth
would be disproved by these "outsiders". There a
number of ways. They may insideously order the police or the fire ambulance
to sound their siren during the midnight to disturb
those they dislike. Also, they may force their neighbours to moved out and
pay someone else to move in to create strange noise
during the night such as moving furnitures unnecessarily. Futhermore, they
may hire someone to damage the properties including their flats to warn
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