Politics in the hobby shop

This morning I got a call from the LHS to ask if I would look at and
price some used tools for another of his customers. I have no problem
with that, he's not a machinist, I am. As usual, I couldn't leave
until I had a good bull session with the owner, and that proved to be
one huge mistake today.
Another customer came in, bought absolutely nothing, and launched into
a ten minute attack on anyone what wasn't far right from the radical
right. Thinking it might close him up, I mentioned that I was a
democrat, and in return was called everything, including brainless
nazi, communist, and traitor.
Not content with name calling, he went to his car and brought in some
literature, that he had received as email, as proof of his "facts." I
may be less than conservative, but even the most ignorant of the
wildest liberals knows that email articles are not even worth the
paper it took him to print them. FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: then the subject
line is the surest way you can find to sort fantasy from fact. If
it's been forwarded, you won't find any fact.
Bringing politics and insults with name calling to someone you don't
know, and I've never seen this man like creature before, only shows
that your level of intelligence can be discounted to zero.
Don't be guilty of being a total ass. Leave the political crap where
it belongs, in your own home, when you're alone. Spouting political
crap in the hobby shop doesn't make you right, won't make you
perceptive to the world around you, but will only prove that you
choose be abyssmally stupid.
I've managed to stay with railroading for more than thirty years by
staying away from most other railroaders, but once decided I wanted to
try flying sailplanes, which is an enclave of rich old conservatives.
I no longer fly, I sold my plane, but I'm not listening to their loud
and often profane mouths. What money I once spent at the gliderport I
now spend at the LHS. Political idiots with big mouths can drive
people out of the hobby.
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Hmmm. What I was asking is that people leave their pokitics at home when they go out among people that may not, and probably do not agree with them. I don't spew my politics in public places, and in a loud and abusive nature, my voice is much louder in a voiting booth. When someone is ignorant enough not to know that he's offending another customer, or arrogant enough not to care, he has no business in that store.
I'm not a communist, nazi or fascist, and no neanderthal (sub-nenaderthal) has any right to insult me or anyone else in a pulblic place. As one of the men I used to work with said, "Your rights end at the point of my nose." If you need a translation, I'll be happy to furnish it.
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It's too darn bad that some of the people in this group didn't follow your advice. This used to be the most active MR'ing group/site on the 'net, and now it's a mere shadow of it's old self. This was due to the political hyenas taking over in the late 1990's & early 2000's and driving out the posters who actually knew what they were talking about: Jim Six, John Sheridan, Curt Mc, Andy Sperando, Stan Ames, Andy Harmon, et al. All went to e-mail lists and web forums to get away from these political losers who just can't resist sticking their oar in where it doesn't belong. Sigh.
Paul A. Cutler III Deputy Sheriff, r.m.r ************* Weather Or No Go New Haven *************
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Pac Man
Um, it wasn't his diatribe, it was the aforementioned knucklehead in the hobby shop. I mean, I hate having people bring politics into r.m.r, but even I have to say that Richard's post was on topic...he didn't actually talk politics as he was talking about rude people who are apparently insane (and getting out "paperwork" from one's car to continue an arguement in a hobby shop to a total stranger is certifiable).
Paul A. Cutler III ************* Weather Or No Go New Haven *************
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Pac Man
And why should Roger's attitude be considered any worse than yours? I have to tell you that BOTH the far right AND the far left are getting on my nerves.
And I'll also publicly state that I think Carville is worse than any of the pundits from the right; they at least seem to be polite when "debating".
On another subject, I was deer hunting in northern Minnesota early this month, and heard a radio announcement of a lecture by the John Birch Society.
Folks, know your enemy; I didn't realize these clowns were still extant!
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Brian Paul Ehni
Not restricted to this group, the metalworking group, by the time I filtered the worst offending topics, then keep having to go back and killfile certain people, more than half of the postings go straight to the trash. I'm not liberal or conservative, pretty much middle of the road, I just hoped that maybe I could spare someone else the verbal abuse I took from that dictator wannabe, if people would think before opening their mouths.
Guess not.
I don't care which side it comes from, if you even suspect it's going to offend someone in a public place, it doesn't have to be said.
But it probably will be anyhow.
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This is precisely the political crap -- usually stupid personal insults without any actual reasoned discussion - coming from both the left and / or the right -- which ruins hobby news groups.
Fuck off Roger Aultman. In a non partisan manner.
Join the kill file.
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Jim McLaughlin
So then, you have shown yourself to be as intolerant and biased as those against whom you rant. I guess the "rules" only apply to "others", not to you? It's beginning to look like you are as bad as the guy in the hobby shop. If you'd not started this, you'd not be plonking people and isolating yourself. You have to expect differences of opinion, and you have to count on them being expressed when you start something like this. Politics in the USA is a hot topic right now and Liberals and Conservatives have never been more polarized and at each other's throats than they are now. When you opened this can of worms, you asked for it. Plonking people isn't going to make it go away, it's just going to shut you out of the loop. Everybody you plonk will still be visible to everyone else. Froggy,
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First, Jim didn't start this topic, I did, or rather, the idiot bigmouth in the hobby shop gave me the nudge to start it.
Politics may be a hot topic, but also one that should be discussed only in a bar when you're looking for a fight. As I have never gone through the door of any bar in at least 35 years, it should be pretty evident that I don't want to hear anyones, right or left, half cocked political opinions. I damn sure don't go to the hobby shop to have some mental defective spouting his defective politics.
Plonking Roger, I did it first, and I doubt that I'll miss anything because of it. Right wing or left, both have a right to their opinions.
And I have a right not to hear them.
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I agree with you on your point and personally feel this is a hobby to take a break from crap like that guy laid on you, though I think your LHS owner had the responsibility of laying down the law to the jerk and toss him out of the shop, or worse, if he persisted.
But here's another thing I've had happen in the LHS several times which I think is extremely rude and out of line -- people who comment on the amount of items you're taking to the counter to purchase, and/or the price of same if they're within earshot when the shop owner gives you your total amount owed. One customer recently asked me if I was trying to buy out the shop and I replied, "Yeah, but a little at a time."
It's no ones business how much, or little I'm purchasing and what I'm spending, or not. It's simply bad manners and I wonder if anyone this may have happened to upon witnessing it, or having it happen to them personally, tended not to make as large a purchase as they might have from then on. This certainly wouldn't be financially helpful to the shop.
Paul - "The CB&Q Guy" Modeling 1960's In HO.
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The CB&Q Guy
I don't see Richard's original post about politics in the hobby shop to be a "diatribe," just an observation with comments. He sure wasn't preaching any political view in his message.
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Mark Mathu
I have no doubt that it it had been in one of the hobby shops in a larger town, he would have been shown the door immediately. However, with a town of less than 10000 people, and a few that we're still trying to figure out what they are, every customer he has is valuable. To his credit, he exhibits far more tolerance for poor behavior than I would. I have to assume that this man(?) is approximately on the same level of spending that I am and possibly has some skill somewhere.
I can't fault the hobby shop, he's caught between a rock and a hard place. The political situation in this town is that he's fighting for his right to stay in business anyhow, he doesn't need another voice yammering for his scalp. He needs every customer he has unless we want to be driving thirty miles to the nearest hobby shop.
I talked to the owner today, he was glad to see me coming back in. It has to be hard when he's not able to do what he knows he should.
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Doesn't matter. For the tinfoil hat brigade, if you're not with them you're against them and are put to destroy every good thing that God and America have made in this heaven on earth. Just ask Shrub or Cheney or Jean Schmitt. But don't ask them to show you their service records.
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Steve Caple

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