The robots are coming. From Hong Kong

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The people who did Roboraptor (most successful electronic toy of 2005) are continuing to extend their line of little robots. They're doing very well. They have little humanoids, dinosaurs, a panda, a good R/C ornithopter, and a realistic chimp head. Coming soon, a robotic Elvis.

These things are shipping in volume.

Robotics goes mainstream when the entry level price point gets below US$100.

John Nagle

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John Nagle
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I thought you joking about the Robo Elvis. But you're not! The FlyTech is COOL ! jcd

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John Nagle posted to comp.robotics.misc:

I dig that dragonfly.

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No price is not important .

we are all writtting and talking Robots ,

which means we want better Robots.

But in the future we get good robots

and stop wasting our time arguing Robots .

The arguements indicate we are getting

trash , obsolete stuff .

Forced on us by gov't . Like Nuclear power

plants . in 20 years , no human will use

nuclear power , for anything .

there will be NO cars nor trucks after 2020 .

Gas will be under a $1 / gallon .

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