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Cruising by the Longmont, Colorado, Hobby Lobby when no 50% sale was
running, I noticed for the first time plastic kits by Trumpeter that were
not packaged under the Hobbycraft label. Seen were .....
1/25th Chevy Belair and Nova cars (in large boxes for the scale)
1/350th Liberty Ship USS JOB
This means that Trumpeter is now on the Hobby Lobby corporate buyer's radar
screen and perhaps the next 50% off sale will be fruitful.
Also spotted were the Hasegawa 1/48th P-40E and the 1/72nd B-25 and He-111.
As I recall, the sticker price for the Hasegawa He-111 was pushing $40, so
even at 1/2 price this will be a sizable investment. Do I really want it
that much?
The Trumpeter/Hobbycraft kits have yielded some of the best all time Hobby
Lobby snatches; for example, a 1/24th Spitfire miss-marked at $40 and half
off that to boot. But that is past shopping glory and yes, even with the
Spitfire in my stash, I have not built it, so was it a good and wise
Actually, building that spitfire and the JSC 1/24th one in cardstock and the
1/33rd Halinski cardstock (scaled up in Photoshop) would make for an
interesting side by side comparison, so I have no excuse other then space in
my home constraints.
To recap, I think the JOB (USS Jeremiah O'Brien) is the target kit for the
next sale.
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Vess Irvine
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that 111 for 20 bucks would be a dream. but no hl's near here.
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The 3 stores in Albuquerque have had all 4 plastic cars kits by Trumpeter for a couple of months now.
- 60 Bonneville sport coupe and ragtop - 63 Nova SS coupe and ragtop
JOB, hmmm, got one just over a mile away, gotta go check. I love my Hobby Lobby stores!!!
Grandpa John
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John DeBoo
Hmmm, 1/350 JOB is $42.99, definatley a candidate for a 50% off. Somehow I thought this particular model would be longer than 384mm, about 15". John
John DeBoo wrote:
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John DeBoo

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