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Hi All,

Just made a quick stop at a local Hobby Lobby to look for clearance stuff. Found a new Micro-Max Starter set. Several rockets, pad & 50 motors for $39 I believe. Will definetly pick 1 up at the next 1/2 off sale

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Matt Miller
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Quest Micro Maxx Super Value Starter Set product number 5618.

All members of Species 5618 who seek perfection should buy one.

Other threads exist covering this.

Contains the existing Toy-Biz era plastic rockets (10) and the new MicroMaxx II

-1 motors (50) with WMX igniters. Full size Quest launch pad with micro rod and adapter sleeve to fit in existing hole. QMX adapter so you can use the supplied 9 volt electronic controller (which has micro clips).

Deal of the Century. Take some Apollo XI dollars down there and buy one now.

-Fred Shecter NAR 20117

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Fred Shecter

QMX, not WMX. (fat fingers trying to type while eating a Lean Pocket...)

And they're the latest generation of QMX with the thinner wire that heats up faster.

-Fred Shecter NAR 20117 GOT BULK PACKS?

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Fred Shecter

Ditto at the Palatine IL store tuesday nite.

Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!

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Bob Kaplow

Oh well. We don't have a Hobby Lobby around here... :(


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II -1 motors

electronic controller

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I found one Saturday. I didn't want to wait until the next sale.


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Doug Sams

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