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well done. However, I'd keep them in the back of a closet, the tote box covered with a towell or sheet.
Jerry 47
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jerry 47
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Ideally, decals hould be stored dark, dry, and cool. I can manage dark and
dry (any old box in the attic), or dark and cool (in the fridge). However,
I'm worried that for long term storage, two out of three isn't good enough.
My storage of choice would be in the fridge, but I'm worried that there
might be a build up of condensation on the decals, with potentially
disasterous effects.
Is there a good storage method for those without a sufficiently dry
basement under their homes?
Thanks for any hints
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Rob van Riel
I keep mine in those rubbermaid plastic tote boxes, and make sure there are a couple of desicant packets in the tote. As an added measure, I place the decals in a ziplock bag before placing them in the tote, and all sheets are pointed face-down to avoid exposure to sunlight or other light. I keep them on the top shelf of my bookcase.
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Pauli G
Yes, storing decals is a real problem. Using decals that are often twenty or thirty years old can be even more of a problem because you never know what they are going to do. I've taken to scanning all the decals I come across at 600dpi so I have an elextronic copy. At the moment I don't have anything to reproduce them on, but ten years ago I didn't have a laser printer so who knows what I will have in another ten years - and most of my kits aren't going to be made in the next ten years. There may be copyright problems here but I figure that since these images are for my own use, the same way that my CDs are, I'm not doing too much harm to the law. As for storing the physical decals, I leave them in their box because then I don't have the danger of the kit getting lost without the decals or the other way around.
Leigh Edmonds
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Leigh Edmonds
I keep all mine in plastic sheet protectors (available @ Staples and the like), punched for three-ring-binders, in their original packaging. I store two sheets, back-to-back in their envelopes. They're in my modeling room and have never failed me in their application. I have perhaps 250 sheets stored in seven or eight binders and this seems to work well for me. Several sheets are more than 15 years old and show no effects from long term storage.
Frank Kranick
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
would there be a possibility of damage from long ther exposure to plastic(baggies,totes)as well ?
I understand that archived documents/photos are not stored in plastic due to the chemical nature of many plastics
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I have been storing decals in plastic sheet protectors for over 25 years. A few years ago I used some of my earliest decals on a Hasegawa RA-5C Vigilante with no problem.
Since most of them are Microscale/SuperScale decals, I removed them from their original sleeves and put them in 5.5"x8.5" protectors and then in three-ring binders. Both should be available at any good office product store. The reason I removed them from their original package is twofold - one, because I put the instructions in the back so I can see them, and two, they don't fit in these protectors very easily unless removed.
John W. Alger IPMS 10906 Charlotte Scale Modelers
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John Alger
I do something similar but the sheet protectors are in D ring binders, probably 100 sheets and none have ever had a problem when I went to use them.
"Francis X. Kranick, Jr." wrote:
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I also store my decals in about the same way; in the original envelope, in plastic sleeves in 3-ring binders. I actually have several binders as I try to organize them by country i.e., USAF/USAAF, USN/USMC, German, French, British, Japanese, Small Country AF, etc, etc (the USAF/USAAF and USN/USMC are about to get split, though).
I have some decal sheets that are well over 30 years old (including a Micro-Scale 48-01 that I bought new) and the ones that I've stored in this manner look about the same as the day I bought them.
This organization system is not 100% foolproof as, sometimes decal sheets have multiple subjects. In that case, I sort by the subject on the sheet I'm most interested in.
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Bill Woodier
I just store mine in closed cardboard boxes and toss in any packets of dessicant I come across. Haven't noticed any deterioration in over 30 years now...
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Al Superczynski
Mylar? The rather stiff film used in packaging? Yes, I can see that as being usable as well. The Print File line I use is polyethylene and is sold for use with both negatives and prints. Cheers,
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