Airfix Canberra B(I)8

Just got my hands on the new 1/48 Airfix Canberra B(I)8 at the East Midlands
show today, and it has to be said the very long wait for this beast has been
well worth it. Airfix have really raised their game, and delivered a very
impressive kit easily the equal of the 1/48 Lightning, Spitfire F22/24 and
Seafire FR47 kits of the late 90s. Exterior detail is very crisply done, and
whilst the interior is a little on the sparse side, what there is is nicely
executed. There's also a comprehensive set of weapons, including Martel
missiles, Sneb rocket pods complete with the rocket noses moulded in, and
1000lb bombs. The inclusion of US iron bombs points to a future B57 which is
good news. You also get the optional cannon pack, the gun muzzles having the
frangible caps moulded on.
The decal sheet is big, glossy and comprehensive, offering markings for one
RAF machine in dark sea grey/ dark green/ light aircraft grey tactical
camouflage, a similarly finished RNZAF B(I)12, and a South African B(I)12 in
silver. The Nimrod decal sheet was widely criticized for the very prominent
half tone dot pattern visible on many of the markings, and the Canberra
sheet suffers from this too, but to a far lesser extent it seems. Register
is perfect.
The only real downside is that this is a big model, and with the PR9 already
announced for August and no doubt bomber canopy versions and a B57 on the
way, there's going to have to be some serious space clearing to make room
for them all.
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Having gotten the kit a few weeks ago, I'd have to disagree that it's up to the quality of the Lightning and Spitfires. It's an OK kit with thick plastic and basic recessed panel line detail, but some areas are completely smooth and devoid of detail, like the stabs and elevators and the wing tanks. The weapons selection is nice, but again they are basic shapes with little surface detail. The cockpit is nice, but the main instrument panel seems to be somewhat empty compared to the other panel in the cockpit. On the plus side, the fit of the big parts is quite good (amazingly the curved cockpit door is a superb fit in the closed position) and the decals look very good, with plenty of stenciling. I'd rate it better than their Hawk kits, but not up to the Lightning/Spitfire standard, which I think sadly is something we won't see from Airfix again. Quality wise, I'd rate it lower than Tamiya, Hasegawa, Revell, and even Trumpeter, but then I don't think Airfix is really trying to compete with those companies. It's a decent, buildable, affordable kit, but not a great kit, IMHO.
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Dave Williams
Don't forget to fill in the panel lines on the rudder. They're just not there on the original. I went past the RAF Wyton gate guard yesterday, smooth as a baby's bum!
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