reducing 1/48 decals to 1/72?

I was just wondering if the following is possible and has been
successfully done by someone here:
There is a 1/48 B-29 decal sheet that I would love to magically scale
down to 1/72 for my Academy B-29 (markings for Joltin Josie, the
Pacific Pioneer). Here's what I was thinking:
Would it be possible to scan the 1/48 decal sheet, and then in Adobe
Photoshop reduce the image size by a preset ratio/percentage to bring
it to 1/72 scale? If so, what is that ratio/percentage? I was
thinking that I could then print out this image, and then bring it to
a place that has a color laser copier and copy it to decal paper.
Just wondering if anyone has done this. Does a 1/48 image scale down
well to 1/72?
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Pauli G
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couldn't a good copy shop do that and print high quality transfers if you do the math to scale down?
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I think he's asking for that math. The scale factor, SF, can be found by:
1 1 --- x SF = --- 48 72
SF = 0.6667
Whatever it measures in 1/48th scale, multiply that by .6667 or 66.67% to get the 1/72nd size. You're copier might require you to work off the other end (33.33%). I don't know, but that is the mathematical relation between the two... if I didn't screw up. It is lunchtime after all. ;-)
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in article O79vb.399796$, e at wrote on 11/20/03 2:05 PM:
The simplist way is to take the original art (decal) and a sheet of decal paper to your copy shop (Kinko's or whatever) and tell you them you want the artwork copied onto the decal paper at 66.67%.
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Milton Bell
Hi- The old Airfix 1/72 B-29 kit came with these markings, IIRC.
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