F-14 decals (1:72)

Hi guys,

I am looking for F-14 decals in 1:72 scale. I am after one of the following: VF-103 markings from Hasegawa kit 00613 (prefer the "plain" aircraft rather than CAG aircraft, but either will be fine) or VF-103 markings from Hasegawa kit K136 (this one has the Christmas motif) or VF-83 markings from Superscale sheet 72-707 for aircraft wearing TPS colours or any other markings for either VF-103 or VF-84 (I really prefer low vis markings for the latter) in 1:72 scale.

In return I can offer full sheet from Hasegawa kit KT2 (VF-74 Bedevilers and VF-143 Puking Dogs) or markings for VF-21 Free Lancers and VF-124 Gun Fighters from Hasegawa kit K37. Or we can work something out. I am in Melbourne.

Thanks for looking. Chhers, Lukasz

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Lukasz Kedzierski
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