1/48th scale RF-4B decals

Anyone know a source of 1/48th scale decals for the Hasagawa RF-4B?

Stan Parker

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Stanley Parker
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Well, Since the kit is a fat wing bird, if you want to do an accurate bird, decals are not much of an issue. Only the last 11 or so of the RF-4Bs had the fat wing and they apparently only saw service with VMFP-3.

Thus, the kit decals should do just fine.

A bit of a shame Hasegawa didn't do it right and do the "real" thin wing RF-3B.


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Norm Filer

Superscale did two or three sheets that have some markings for an RF-4B but as Norm mentioned, these are for the thin-wing versions. IIRC,

48-108 and 48-110 were those sheet numbers. Anal that I might know them, yes, but I scoured Regionals and swap meets for them. One of them has the green tail markings already supplied with the Hasegawa kit. Also, CAM Decals has a nice sheet out for one late-lot (read thick-wing) bird, aircraft number 7346, I believe.

Frank Kranick

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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.


You will probably get the thin wing version in the next issue of the kit.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Is there any indication that Hasegawa is planning to do a new tool thin wing (which could imply a new tool F-4B/N)? I haven't heard anything and don't believe that the existing old raised panel line wing will fit the new fuselage.


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Dave Williams

Exactly my thoughts, Dave. We now know the Hasegawa release schedule from now through March, 2005 and there is nothing like that on the list.

I for one do not expect them to do anything more at this point than to continue to release a series of Air Force and foreign RF versions that do not require a thin wing version. Since the Marines are the ONLY thin wing operators, I suspect that is a good economic decision, but a shame for US 1/48th scale builders.

I also suspect a lot of builders in that scale would love to see Hasegawa retool the F-4B and go to recessed panel lines for a twofer. A new F-4B with recessed panel lines, and use the new wing on the (now) old RF-4B.

I know it ain't gonna happen. But it still is a good idea.


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Norm Filer

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