British Phantom 29 Sqn decals in 1/48th? Anyone?

Has there ever been any 29 Sqn decals for a FGR2 in 1/48th scale? Also, does anyone make serial number decals suitable for the above?



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Lets deal with the serial numbers first. There are numerous sheets available, depending on when you want to do the early tactical scheme or the later air defence scheme. The tactical scheme had black serials, with large serials under the wings. The air defence scheme had white serials on the fuselage sides only.

The AirDoc sheet 4807 will give you sufficient serials to build *any* RAF Phantom, not just the RAFG ones for which it is intended.

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Alternatively, and far cheaper, Almark 4802 will give you a complete range of black underwing serials. Then you have to find the fuselage serials (as below) which then brings the price to a similar range as the AirDoc sheet.
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Xtradecal Sheets 48044 and 48045 with provide the black and white 8" fuselage serials.
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As for the 29 Sqn markings, I don't believe that these have ever been produced in 1/48 specifically for a Phantom. The XXX markings shouldn't be too difficult to replicate from decal sheet cut into straight lines, especially if you go for a tactical scheme. The problem is going to be with producing the squadron badge, either in its round or shield shape.

There were a wide range of different markings styles. If you can find an aircraft that didn't carry the squadron badge, then the markings from Fineline sheet 8002 could be adapted. These markings are actually for a Tornado F3, but I believe the fuselage markings were a similar size.

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Hope this helps.

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