Wyvern Decals

When applying decals to the 1/48th scale Trumpter Wyvern made a moderately big oppsie. Instead of reaching for the decal setting bottle, grabbed the liquid cement bottle. Result, as you expect, but fixed the model and got it repainted. The decal sheet, however is toast. Does anyone know if there is a Wyvern decal sheet out in 1/48 scale. Thanks

Stan Parker


Solution :

  1. Wear glasses next time.
  2. Use different color tops for bottles
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Stanley Parker
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I don't think that there *are* any. However, were the first decals that you applied by any chance the roundels? If so, then Xtradecal have a suitable roundel sheet.

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Failing that, Hobbylink Japan claim that they can source spare decal sheets for kits.
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