Micro-Scale Decals

Hi all - I have a problem. A couple of nights ago, I printed up some
decals on my computer. No big whup, I've done it before. Anyway, I
dosed the decal sheet with some Micro-Scale Liquid Film. I brushed on
two coats, just like last time (which worked well). But this time, the
decal film puckered up on me and wound up looking like crap.
So two questions.
1) What did I do wrong? The only difference that I can see is the
temperature. I do my model-making in the garage, and the first time I
did decals was last September. The temperature was in the 70s. Last
night it was closer to 35 or so. Everything else was the same as far as
I can recall.
2) Is there a way to spray this stuff on the paper? Either a pump
sprayer (saw a bunch of these at the local dollar store) or my Badger.
And do I thin the liquid? With what?
Thanks for your answers.
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The Old Man
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I tried that myself with an airbrush, with alcohol as thinner, but without success. Either the coat is too thin to make a difference, or so wet you get nasty side effects.
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Rob van Riel

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