Found out what I did wrong

Hi all - A couple of weeks ago, I posted for help concerning making my
own decals using Experts-Choice Decal Film and Microscale Liquid Decal
I had done this last September and had no problems whatsoever. The last
batch from a couple of weeks ago, however, came out looking like crap,
all puckered and orangepeel.
Talking to a clerk at my local hobby shop, Niagara Hobby and Craftmart
(free plug!), we came to the conclusion that the problem might have
been weather-related. Two nights ago, I printed another batch of the
decals and instead of going out to the workshop , I brought the liquid
into the house. After it warmed to room temperature, I coated the sheet
as per directions. and let it dry on the mantle by the wood-burner.
Yesterday, I was able to give it two more coats and today, the sheet
looks perfect.
So temperature seems to be the key. Keep it fairly warm and it's a go.
Regards, -- John
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