Firefly thread from a couple of months ago

Just stumbled across this group and found the thread refering to the Firefly crash at Duxford. It was somewhat disturbing to be honest.

Thanks to those who appreciate the fact that the crew are more important than the aircraft in ANY accident. To Julian Hales especially, and those who follow his line of thinking, you are in my opinion very shallow and callous people indeed. Neil & Bill were worth 10 of you in my opinion. Not that you would care I guess.

To everyone else reading this I apologise for coming across in a provocative manner.. but reading that thread really angered me.

Paul Rix -

Neil's brother.

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Paul Rix
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Paul, A human life isn't worth much to many people in this group. And often a lot of bravura is involved as well. I wouldn't bother if I were you. I'm sorry about your brother.

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Bassie Adriaensen

Whilst I agree to a point, it is the aircraft I go to see at an airshow, not the crew. The loss of a crew is always very sad, but many of these aircraft are valuable historical artefacts. To dismiss them offhand is missing that point I think.


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I cared about the loss of the plane, and i was sad to hear about the deaths, but they chose to do something they wanted to do, not for me to argue on that.

Did they get shot protecting a shop and there daughter? no, now that was sad and shocking.

Senna and other racing drivers got killed, sad but they knew the risks and did something special, simple as that.

I say how i feel.

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I said i would miss the chance to see them planes, there are many other pilots who would give there right arm to fly them, they chose to get in and take off, yes its sad they died but millions of people die daily in murder etc, they knew what they were doing was risky.

I see now classic sports cars maybe the last one left crashed beyond repair and the dirver gets killed, car will never be seen again but plenty more people willing to drive them fast, i miss the car not the person.

I dont lose any sleep over what i said, it wasnt meat to be callus but people chose what to get into and fly/drive, say that to a family whos 1 year old child is killed in a gunfight in Turky.

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Undoubtedly the aircraft is irreplaceable, but I can't understand the thinking that "another crew" will come along. Crews are not interchangeable parts. They are people who mean the world to those close to them.

The manner of their death, whether they "choose to do something dangerous" or whether they're murdered, or killed in the line of duty, or whatever--it's irrelevant. These unique and special individuals with whom you have grown up, laughed, cried, argued with, etc. are not coming back. That is a much deeper loss than a mere machine.

In the end, it's people that matter the most, not things. You make an excellent point and you have nothing to apologize for. My condolences to you and your family sir.


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Michael Alvarez

I have to agree with you, Paul; and I forward my sympathies on the loss of your brother. I've lost friends in airshow related accidents and on the job during "routine" air training operations. No machine or "show" is worth the life of the operator as justification for our own amusement.

In addition and as a further disturbing counterpoint to this thread, there also was a thread in the past where I referred to the cutting of access holes in the side of the U-505 as a "violation" of sorts in regard to the preservation of an historical artifact (which is not even in full operation, as many aircraft are). I was villified as everything from a fanatical history zelot to a nazi sympathizer for my opinion...and a human life was never even part of that equation. But make that artifact an aircraft instead of a U-boat...

That being said (and remembered), I'm sorry to say that I'm not surprized at the callous lack of regard for the unfortunate passing of your brother and his fellow crewmen. The anger you feel is perfectly justified, IMO; and I would just like to take the time to let you know that there are more of us here that share your opinion than otherwise. At least I'd like to think so.

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Absolutely. Given enough time and money it's within the realm of possibility to produce an exact duplicate of a machine. It's not possible to replace a human being, each of which is a unique creation.

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Al Superczynski


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