couple of questions

Hi guys!

Great newsgroup - just discovered it.

hope you dont mind me asking a few questions:

1.Anyone know of any engine sales coming up in the area this year? I fancy trying to acquire a couple of new toys, but dont often see them advertised. I went to one several years ago where there were hundreds being auctioned. Was I lucky, or are these kind of sales common if you know where to look?

2.anyone know the value/age of an enfield upright cold start diesel engine that i picked up (excellent condition)? Its not for sale - i just wonder if i paid the right price for it

  1. I have a v twin 18hp Turner engine. Anyone know anything about it? I'd like to try to start it, but there is no cranking handle and no obvious way to start it - any suggestions?

Thanks and look forward to chatting with you guys!

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Hi Steve, welcome to the newsgroup, hope you find like-minded folks here! Auctions are usually advertised in the trade press such as Stationary Engine magazine and Old Glory, but you should also watch the regular auctioneers websites for announcements.

Without seeing it, probably £80 to £120 for a good one, maybe a bit more if exceptionally good.

Turner diesels made up to a V4 which was also used in the Yeoman tractor. The engines were in the British Diesel Engine Catalogue for some years, Turner went on to greater things in the commercial vehicle world making truck gearboxes, their overdrive box was the choice for many independent truck makers.

The 2V95 pictures all show starting handles and also electric start, marine versions were also produced.


-- Peter & Rita Forbes Engine pages for preservation info:

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