Hi guys! I found a great cigarettes site!

Tho weeks ago I found a website:

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Cigarettes & liquors store. They had a promotion: one carton of pall mall and a bottle of Johnny Walker for only 79$. I bought it and I received it yesterday. I'm very happy. The cigarettes are verry cheap and you can also find hard to find brands.

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Thanks for posting this! I'm going down to see my father in law next week and since he smokes a lot he can save a lot of money. And he needs that extra money to help pay the medical bills for treating the cigarette caused cancer that's killing him. In fact, that's the reason for the visit. To say goodbye before he dies, which won't be long. They opened him up monday with the hopes of removing the tumor but found him riddled with tumors. Even chemo is now worthless. ERS

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Eric R Snow

FWIW Massachusetts recently aggresively cracked down on people who evade state tobacco and sales taxes by buying their smokes on line.

If I read the news stories right the state subpoenad delivery records from UPS and FedEx to find out people here who got cigarettes delivered to them from on-line vendors and then hit them for the taxes plus significant tax evasion fines.

Jeff (Who's very happy to have quit "cold turkey"* 10 years ago and is still off them.)

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Jeff Wisnia

On Sat, 29 Oct 2005 01:42:41 -0400, with neither quill nor qualm, Jeff Wisnia quickly quoth:

URL deftly manipulated to reflect the face of the OP.

The gov't has found a way to pay for itself.

ROTFLMAO! Aw, ya wuss. 'Course, I spent a month or 2 tapering down from a 2-pack-a-day habit to 1/2-pack-a-day, then got the flu and decided it was time to really quit. I'm happily free from that on- your-back-monster for 17 years now.

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Larry Jaques

Gee I quit smoking may 6, 1986, 7:25pm.

Sorry, don't need your poison.


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I have a dream, that someday, people will stop reposting spam and getting it around the cancelbots and filters.

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Dave Hinz

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