Vintage Boxtop Art - Great Kit Nostalgia Site!

Many "older" modelers out there will find this site will bring back some
childhood memories; I know it did for me!
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Tom Bower
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If anybody is interested, Christian Bryan, does enlarged prints of these box art. Nice big glossy prints. Forgot to take a sample pic during our last club meeting but he will be at the IPMS Region 7 RECON in Vancouver, WA 12 June 2004.
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We went through the Sikorsky discussion and thought they were going a little overboard in copyright protection. It seems to me, that reproducing this box art and selling it might just be copyright infringement. Anyone else? Jerry 47
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jerry 47
The post doesn't state whether Christian has purchased the right to reproduce these paintings. Perhaps he has. If not it might cause him trouble. Anyone notice a slackening of Unohoo model kits on E-bay? I've seen several and even contacted one seller asking whether he'd been contacted by the legal beagles. He had not.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak

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