Hi guys!

It's been awhile.

Been concentrating on my second book, WWI/72, covering everything produced in 1/72 scale relating to WWI.

Also completing ESM 72 Vol.10, now an annual. The postage costs to continue as a quarterly exceeded the price of a subscription.

So what's everytbody been up to?

Tom Young MAI/ESM 72

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Mr. 1/72
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just rusting away in the desert. happy holidays. (i still can't spell chanuka.)

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Festivus for the rest of us lol.....

And it's cold and raining her now, it sucks !

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On 13 Dec, 08:23, snipped-for-privacy@some.domain ( snipped-for-privacy@some.domain) wrote:> In article , "Mr. 1/72" wrote:> > >It's been awhile.> > >Been concentrating on my second book, WWI/72, covering everything>

Vol.10, now an annual. The postage costs to> >continue as a quarterly exceeded the price of a subscription.> > >So what's everytbody been up to?> > >Tom Young> >MAI/ESM 72> > just rusting away in the desert. happy holidays.> (i still can't spell chanuka.)It's Chanukkah. Or in hour house it's Chanukkah for Lynne and Justin and Merry Christmas for me. It's been wet and cold all week, but the weather cleared up for our yearly trip to SF for the Chabad menorah (actually a Chanikkhim with nine candles) lighting in Union Square. Five minutes after it was over the rain started again.Let's see, what else is new? Lynne is in SF doing Special Ed teaching, Justin is still thriving and doingf even more than before:swiming, horseback riding, basketball, bowling, dancing, flirting with the pretty girls, etc. We've been big Disney fans for many years and did our fourth Disney Cruise last December. We were in the western Carribean for most of Chanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day and Kwanza, it was like aq comparitive religions course at sea. Next is their first cruise to Alaska, then the maiden voyages of their new ocean liners over the next three years.I've been working on the ultimate model, a 1/1 scale T-33 at PCAM in Santa Rosa. When complete it's going to have the markings of the aircraft that was assigned to my office at Hamilton AFB from the 84th FIS. If any of you are in the SF Bay Area it's worth the trip=A0 to Santa Rosa to see the museum.OT- wise I'm working on my first scratchbuild in decades, a 1/72 Breeze Penguin. My AMS is totally cured! In fifteen years I built five models (plus a few for clients, but that doesn't count, right?) and bought five hundred. In the last year and a half I still bought a lot of models, about fifty, but I completed eighteen while only adding a few to the "started" file. Nabbed a 1st, a 2nd and two 3rds at Silverwings last weekend. That really helps in getting back to more modeling.Speaking of which, I have a WWI German crmored car to get back to.Best wishes of the season to everyone.Tom

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Mr. 1/72

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