Thanks to some recent horsetrading I am now the owner of a part built

3.5" guage Firefly. Has anyone built this engine, and if so do you have any useful comments about things I should be aware of, any mistakes on the drawings, useful tips, etc.



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Kevin Steele
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oh bugger, here's a good tip. If you assemble a part built loco on the kitchen table and put the boiler on it then it will get quite heavy. If you then roll it backwards & fowards to show your curious son that the wheels all work it will gouge two grooves across the table. I'm in trouble when my other half gets back in!


Kev>Thanks to some recent horsetrading I am now the owner of a part built

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Kevin Steele

ROTFL Emigrate! Your only chance. Both of you. You've made my week. Was waiting to read it had fallen ont' floor, but you hung on. GeoffH Norfolk - UK not VA

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Nail some track to the table? She won't notice then... ;-)

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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That's another keyboard full of tea! I have to stop reading these posts with my mouth full.

Thanks Kevin - you have made my week.


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Pat Martindale

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