75000 Loco

Some time ago I aquired a set of loco frames. They seemed well built, and I considered continueing the project. But I had no idea what they were off (a 4-6-0 3.5" guage loco). After trawling around various newsgroups the most promising suggestion was that they are from a

75000 loco, designed by LBSC and serialised in Mechanics 1952-1955.

Doese anyone have any drawings for this loco, ideally a set to buy would be good, but just to positively identify the loco would be a start. If it is this loco the drawings and castings are available from Reeves, but it would be a bit of a choker to buy a new (expensive!) set of drawings just to prove that it was the wrong loco.



PS if anyone has any parts or castings for this loco I may be interested as well (bit of an off chance, it seems an unpopular loco

-anyone know why?)

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Kevin Steele
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I'm not too sure where you can get 75XXX drawing from but I'd not be surprised to find there are a lot of common parts betwixt it and LBSC's

92XXX (Evening Star) and 70XXX (Brittania).
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