Help with Stuart Turner 1/2 hp open crank gas engine

Hi all can anyone help?

Trying to get a Stuart 1/2hp gas engine back into life.

I am missing some parts of the carburettor please see the pic attached. Am also looking for advice in the ignition system as I have an insulated ge ar on the exhaust cam that has a point that coincides with the ignition poi nt in the cycle. I guess this has to have a set of points that complete a c ircuit to form the ignition.

Currently the two parts I have of the carburettor are held with a temporary steel plate. Not sure what the missing piece is supposed to look like or d o. is it just to transfer gas to the inlet valve? Should the air mix valve be vertical as I have it or horizontal?

Link to the photo below.


formatting link

Does anyone have drawings? I am led to believe these were sold as kits of c astings so there must have been a published design at some stage.

I am able to cast small parts so can remake whats missing if I knew what it looked like.

Failing drawings would someone be prepared to do some detailed Photos of th ese areas of another engine?

This model of engine seem to be rare and the information on these engines s eem a rare as hens teeth.

Thanks all for any help people can give me.


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Rob D
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Hi rob

I'm scotty from NZ I have one a Stuart turner 1/2hp looks just like your on e. I'm missing same kinda parts. Have you had any luck finding any parts. I 'm keen to get my one going to. Call me or txt or leave me your number or e mail. 021399377 thanks scotty. Keen to chat soon.

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replying to Rob D, R.J. Storey wrote: Hi Rob, just found your feature on the Stuart Turner half hp engine. Do you still need info, I have a similar engine with the upper part of carb that yours lacks. R J Storey.

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R.J. Storey

replying to R.J. Storey, Johann wrote: Hi RJ Storey. I have a similar engine except my one is gas. Do you have model names or manufacture dates perhaps? Johann

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