Stuart Turner boiler heat insulation - replace??

I have a large ST 504 boiler I'm in the process of tidying. Inside the side plates there's a 1/8" sheet of light-grey/off-white heat insulation. Is this likely to contain anything I shouldn't be giving house room to? The stuff looks like original fitting and the boiler appears not very old and to have done little work, although the heat insulation is fraying along the bottom edges.

Are there any modern 1/8" sheet replacements I could use, or am I fretting unnecessarily. The only stuff the local CH boiler factors could come up with was about 3/8" thick.

-Neil F.

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I've had the same could, of course, ring Stuarts and ask them! In the event, I replaced mine with sheet insulation material

- I think it's glass fibre-based, from Blackgates.. Shout if you need more information. --

Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) "....there *must* be an easier way!"

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Bruce/Polly Engineering list boiler lagging in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses, not imperial but near enough?

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Are those frayed edges normally exposed? How close are the edges of the insulation to the fire-hole door? What kind of cleading covers the insulation? Depending upon the answers to those questions it may be that sheet balsa wood is a possibility. It is likely to have heat insulation properties at least as good as any available synthetic.

If the boiler is vertical then wood is probably a non-starter. But for horizontal locomotive type boilers with good insulation on the boiler barrel and the firebox wrapper but with minimal or no insulation on the back-head, balsa wood and aluminium foil would be at the top of my list.

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