Interesting couple of days

I just got home from a trip to Cedar City, Utah. We went up to place an
offer on a cabin.
My BIL took me to meet his old school principal, a 93 year old gentleman
with a wicked wit and sparkling eyes.
He is also a blacksmith. He gives demonstrations to groups of 25-200
students at the beginning of each school year. He does restorations of
wagons and wagon wheels, among any dozen of little projects sitting here and
there that you can ask about on a tour of his shop.
He used to train welders during WW2. There was a contraption to put the
finished dowel end on a wagon wheel spoke chucked up to a huge antique drill
press. It had been brazed heavily. I asked why he chose the brazing
process over welding, and he said deadpan, "Because it is cast iron."
I quickly recovered by saying, "That's a good reason." It gave him a hearty
In a thumb nail, he is living history.
I cannot wait until I can see him do his magic. I believe I will be
spending some time there. I soon hope to put up a website to share some of
the things I have been getting involved with and into lately. He consented
to me coming in and taking pictures.
Life is good.
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That gentleman and the very few others like him should rightly be regarded as National Treasures. Might a local university's video production department be interested in a serious effort to record his upcoming class?
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Fred R
I shall investigate the matter further. We got verbal acceptance today of our offer on the cabin. Seeing we will be neighbors now, I will be watching this guy.
Not like he needs it. He has family. 110 grand kids and one great great. Looks like he knows how to do many things. ;-)
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You did say he had a twinkle in his eye. 111 grandkids! That is a grandchild birthday every three days on average. And can anyone even do that much holiday shopping in one year? Family get-togethers must be a hoot.
It really would be worthwhile to get a well-done recording of him. Just think of the experience and stories he holds. Even many high schools have respectable video production classes. Might as well take advantage of the kids' enthusiasm and the gentleman's comfort with talking to them.
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Fred R

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