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Hi all, I am new to this group. I have a question regarding decals. I
am currently recreating decals for some damaged plastic buildings that
I had fixed. I pulled the decals off and scanned them and just
finished touching up and fixing the artwork on them. I am now ready to
move onto the printing phase of the project. I purchased some adhesive
backed clear vinyl from a company called quite a while
ago for another project, but I think that it might work on this current
one. I printed out the decals on the vinyl and the results were
excellent. I was told to coat the top of the vinyl with Krylon Triple
Thick Glaze 0500 to protect it from scratches and such. (havn't done
that yet) My question to this group is this: although the adhesive
backing is somewhat sticky, I do not know if it will stick permanently
like I want it to. I don't think that it is a water release type decal
either as I can just pull it off from the backing and feel the adhesive
side. Is there a glue that I can use to adhere these decals to my
buildings for permanent adhesion or should I be using a different type
of decal paper? (keep in mind that I need clear paper) And are there
any comments on the Krylon glazing step? Thanks in advance.
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There are two problems with vinyl stickybacked decals. First, the vinyl is much thicker than regular decals, so you get a bump around the edge that is visible.
Secondly, the decals may not stretch enough on compound curves. With regular waterslide decals, the use of decal solvent softens the decal enough to go around a compound curve.
A vinyl decal is okay on a large scale model where the thickness of the film is less apparent, and when applied to a flat or single-curved region.
Otherwise, you can use the same procedure on inkjet compatible waterslide decal film.
BTW, where did you get the vinyl stuff? I've been looking for it lately and cannot find it. Is this a transparent film vinyl? wrote:
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Don Stauffer
OK, great advice. Where is the best place to get 8-1/2"x11" clear waterslide decal film for my inkjet printer and what is the price? I believe that I got my vinyl from I bought it about a year ago so I am not 100% sure though. Thanks for the help. D> There are two problems with vinyl stickybacked decals. First, the vinyl
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Is it ok to use Krylon's Triple Thick Glaze to coat the waterslide decals with? wrote:
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I just spray a very thin coat of gloss acrylic varnish. I find that with modern clear decal sheet, you don't have to leave it in water for longer than a couple of seconds before it slides, so there is very little time for the ink to run.
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Enzo Matrix
still need the name of company to purchase from, the name of the product that you guys use, and the name of the spray acrylic varnish that you use or will Krylon Triple Thick work? Rich Enzo Matrix wrote:
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I just use Xtradecal clear sheet, which so far has worked perfectly in my printer (Epson Stylus Photo R200). I spray Xtracrylix gloss varnish over it.
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Enzo Matrix

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