Best printer type/make for printing own decals?


Can anyone pass on advice on the best printer type (ink-jet or laser) and make/model of printer for printing your own decals, please?

I've tried with my old Epson Colour II, works ok put opacity is very poor. Is this directly to do with the number of dots per inch (DPI)? Mine maxs out at 720 DPI.

Am about to upgrade but don't really want to get an ALPs if I can help it.

Cheers, Ian.

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Good luck finding anything else that prints white. Or fully opaque colors for that matter.

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Al Superczynski

All inkjet inks are transparent. They're designed for printing on white paper.

Laser printer & copier toners and ALPS "inks" are somewhat transparent (except for black), but more opaque than inkjet inks. With an ALPS you can print one or two underlays of white to improve the opacity.

If you want to use a non-ALPS printer, the only real solution is to print or color-copy onto white decal film, then cut it out carefully to remove any unwanted white.

Or you could use the low-tech solution: just paint on the decal film using brush, airbrush, masks, etc.

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Wayne C. Morris

you can use white decal paper. a trick i use is to back fill the decals on the white decal paper with the primary color of your model. you can take a piece of white plastic and paint it the color of your model. scan this in to the computer and put your decals on it. less worry about cutting so close to the decal. you could also use photoshop to back fill a close color and place/type your decals on that.


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Hey thanks ! Good idea.

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