Things that would be cool...

Musing out loud while the coffee brews. It would be cool if somebody
1) Sets of 1/48 deck apes in poses consistent with the oft photographed
scene of ordnance crews mounting missiles onto aircraft the old fashioned
way - with elbow grease.
2) Sets of 1/48 trucks, dollies and tractors commonly found littering
hangars and decks here and abroad. I know they've done a few pieces hither
and thither, but it seems they've missed a lot of pieces too.
3) 1/48 crash crew sets - what the USN uses on the CVs and the big
firetrucks the
USAF uses. That crash crew stuff would make for a boss diorama.
4) 1/48 and civilian automobiles. Nothing elaborate or an extensive
catalog, just one or two vanilla four door sedans, wagons or vans that might
have been pressed into military service and would be appropriate in an air
base dio.
Think '63 Fords, Chevys, etc for the bare metal/Vietnam builds
'42-'48s for WWII and Post war staff car work
Pickups from all eras would be REAL COOL!
They could sneak these and other trinkets into kits the way Monogram
included bomb carts and tractors in their big bomber kits, or as stand
alone accy packs. Whatever the bean counters sign off on.
1/35th and 1/32nd autos have their place too.
5) More 1/48 civilian or commercial planes. Nothing specific in mind, just
something a wee bit bigger for the scale from a Cessna or Piper J-3 civilian
light. Maybe a Lear Jet, Bonanza twin engines,etc. Something without guns,
bombs or missiles for a change.
6) 1/48 DEA, cop and crook figures and diorama accys to accompany the
bove - in case you missed having the guns. Plus it's a good way to sneak
in a 1/48 Chevy Suburban too for dual use with an F-15 or something in a
modern era flight line diorama.
7) 1/48 (1/35th if you're MRC) Marine One with fully detailed interior,
crew, honor guard detail and if your heart desires a few figures in suit and
tie. I guess one waving and smiling, a few others trailing along wearing
stoic expressions and dark aviator sunglasses.
We could squeeze that 1/48 Suburban in here too. How about a limo?
8) B-50 conversion kit for Mono's B-29. Ah hell, let's be greedy and just
give us a new ProMono kit of the B-50.
9) Some of that neat NASA stuff that got stuffed in the belly and under the
wings of those B-50s... and B-29s... and...
10) A 1/48 B-52!!! OK, you had to see it coming. Pipe dreaming now, but if
they actually shot one of these into a box it would probably be the only
time $200 for a single model kit would actually seem worth it to me. ;-)
Honestly though, I'm having trouble finding a safe spot for a 1/48 Corsair
much less a 5 foot BUFF :-(.
But someday...
11)1/35th scale (or 1/32nd) joins the Navy! Think of things you might see
on the deck of a WWII era CV or surface ship. The thinking being, if they
can sell 88mm AA kits and crews that people will build, there might be some
interest out there in building up dios of the Navy's 20mm and 40mm pom-poms
and their brave crews. I'm just thinking of all those little things I hated
building in 1/720 scale that I'd enjoy if I could actually see the detail.
Arguably though, a Kriegsmarine AA kit would probably draw the most interest
with the 1/35 crowd. :-(
1/35th LCVP with figures - Oddly enough, a popular kit subject that I don't
recall the Kriegsmarine having or making good use of. Surely somebody has
kitted the LCVP in 1/35 already? Dragon quality?
1/35th 3" or 5" U-boat or Gato deck gun kit while we're at it. Come to
think of it, just how big would the entire conning tower work out? Hell
that's really the meat and potatoes of a sub build anyway. So, what does
this work out to in 1/35th scale?
formatting link

1/35th PT-Boat. I think an Elco class came in at 80ft if my memory hasn't
failed me - so 2 1/2 ft is right in line with what we've been seeing in the
ubersized kits of late. Better chance at seeing a Schnelboote of course.
Generally you get the picture -1/35th is not just for armor any more.
12) BIG scale figures. The biggest I can recall seeing is 1/16 from
Dragon. I'm thinking military not the Aurora superhero or Universal monster
stuff. Dragon makes the best mass produced 1/6th Action Figure stuff I've
seen, but that art form has it's limits with out of scale cloth and necc.
evils like wrist joints and rubber boots needed to maintain playability.
Basically, what I'd like to see is someone take the 12" action figure
format, strain all the "toy" out of it and take it to the limits in styrene
kit form. Dragon would be a logical choice - the only problem is Dragon is
WWII-German obsessed and I want to see stuff from other historical periods.
Basically the stuff Osprey has been stuffing into Plates A thru L in their
pamplets the last few decades. I want to get medieval on some styrene.
Luckily - for anyone that read this far down - the coffee's ready. It's real
coffee too -the spoon stands straight up when you let go of it and there's
not a trace of chocolate or anything of that sissy stuff to soften the
blow. ;-)
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great stuff. I've been begging for 1/32 deck tractors, etc for years. 1/35 staff cars for WWII the carrier deck guns sound like a fantastic idea in 1/35. pile of full of empty brass casings and you have a great diorama.
love all your ideas.
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There must be something along those lines available from model railway - oops rail*road* - manufacturers. O Gauge is pretty much equivalent to 1/48.
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Enzo Matrix
Yep, that certainly is a start - love the VW van and p/u in particular. But just as the Tamiya 1/48th armor is superior to that O scale German tank they have listed, I'm thinking maybe this isn't the high water mark for 1/48th cars and dio accys.
But definitely worthy of standing in for it until it arrives.
Thx for the link.
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Palmer made a 1940 Ford Coupe and (I think) a Turtledeck Tudor as well in 1:32 scale. I was thinking of using a 1:32 scale 1936 Ford cabrolet in a diorama showing some pilots at Pearl Harbor during the attack trying to get to their aircraft. According to a book I had as a kid, that actually happened.
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Old Timer
It would be a pretty tough job to get references. The interior appointments of Marine One are *highly* classified...
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Al Superczynski
Here's the case where I'd accept a lot of artistic license - just as long as it looked like there was a VIP interior in there thru the windows.
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1. It would be lovely if Academy were to release the P2B-1S (B-29) "Fertyle Myrtle" with the D-558-II in the belly. They announced it before changing hands then dropped it. Myrtle used to be based in Oakland when she flew with the American Air Museum Society and flew/flew in her several times.
2. Corgi to being out the B-17G with marking for "Nine-O-Nine" to go along with B-24 "Dragon and His Tail". Same reason, flew/flew in both on several occasions with Collings Foundation. I would be happy if someone would at least do decals for "Nine-0-Nine" in 1/72 scale.
3. Injection molded or cast resin 1/72 scale 1940 Ford. Both long and short wheelbases to do coupe, sedan, convertible, pickup truck, panel truck, woodie, etc. in civilian and military colors.A set of 1/72 scale surfers with boards, chicks and beer kegs would be nce for the woodie, too. :-)
4. A good injection molded 1/72 Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon. I hear that Special Hobby has one in the works.
5. More 1/72 O-Birds.
Time will tell.
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Renwal had some 1/48 cars available back in the '60s and AMT did 1/43 cars. The closest to everyday transportation types would be the '46 Ford Coupe from AMT. Most of the rest of the models were top of the line models. All of these are OOP currently. Williams Bros. had a big line of cars in HO (1/87) that included many everyday types. I'm not sure of their present status.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller
I used to set my Pyro '30s Mercedes touring next to the Revell Bf 109G. Maybe I should have sold them as a set.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
A '51 Hudson Hornet in 1/25th scale with optional NASCAR parts. Ya know, back when they ran REAL stock cars. I'd buy a couple if they were reasonably priced.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Mad Modeller
Modelcraft has that reboxed Cessna 172... It is a good build and not bad at all.
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Sanger have a range of 1/48 American jet bombers. The B-47 is already out, (£49.99either direct, or from Hannants), and the B-52 is coming soon, at around £70. It's going to be around 3'x4'
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I built it on floats from Esci/Ertl's boxing. I enjoyed every minute of it! I wish someone would do a Cessna 310 in 1/48th. One of my favorite toys as a 4 or 5 year old was a small Cessna 310 that I got in a box of cereal. This is back when Sky King ruled the air. I can still remember the horror when it slipped from my fingers as I flew it out the window of my families station wagon. (last year ;)
Doug Wagner
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Doug Wagner
I have that version also... the 172 from Esci... But I had bought it before the reboxing and wanted to put wheels on it. I have sent an e-mail to Modelcraft to see about buying that sprue, but have not heard anything back. I might just try my hand at a scratch build.
I know what you mean about the 310. I would LOVE to do a Blue Canoe with the straight tail. I had already done one T-41C but need to go back and try again with another and correct the extended empinage. I did get the nose correct though.
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How about some USAAF or earliest USAF mechs and ordnance-jocks?
Ditto for USAAF ...
... and B-52s, too. Like X-1, X-2, X-3 for B-29; X-15 and the odd Lifting-Body jobbies for B-52
... and for the really esoteric, how about a full-up Pegasus mini-sat launch fitment for B-52?
... all with the appropriate full mother-craft, not just partial belly or underwing area
Why not a matched set of -29, -50, -47, -52, and both Northrop wing-things?
pipe-on, o dreamers!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ken Leonard ken [Edit it to make it work.]
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Ken Leonard
i want an injection me 321!
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At the risk of stating the obvious, may I humbly suggest that y'all picked the wrong scale?
Everythng listed so far has been done in 1/72 scale.
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No... I think you are confused with 172... that's a model of aircraft 8-P
You have a great point. And I did a T-41 in 1/72 in about a day. I even remember seeing both the 337 and O-2.
But you can still find a 1/48 150 sometimes.
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