BAE Hawk 100 / Airfix 1/48

I have here Airfix' BAE Hawk 100 in 1/48. I bought it for the all gloss
black RAF trainer color scheme and Model Alliances' Decal sheet with
the Dragon all along the fuselage side.
But: The decals are for the T.1 trainer version which seems to be
something else than the Hawk you realized by now I do not know
much about the Hawk.
Question: Is it possible to make a T1 out of the Airfix kit - and what
needs to be done? I guess for example the new wing tips are not to be
Any help is appreciated.
current project: Kopro Su-22 M4 1/48
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You need the Airfix Hawk T1 kit, not the Hawk 100. It has the correct fuselage. This one
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rather than this one
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