Hawk 100 reference material

Having just purchased the Airfix Hawk 100 (the RCAF and RAAF version) can
anyone point me in the direction of some good reference material for this
subject please?
I have some photos that I have found on the Internet and I am looking for a
book or similar.
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Roger Demming
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That'll be be £34.50 plus duty then! Why bother when I can have 4 Airfix ones for that price?
If you've seen my other posts you will know that I have returned to modelling after a 20 year break, so there is no way that my current skills would be able to do a model like that justice, ergo it would be pointless for me to buy it.
And in any case why all the anti Airfix sentiment? Just because it's not Tamiya or any of the other Jap offerings doesn't mean it not any good. It's like comparing a Mini Cooper to a Rolls Royce, both are perfectly good for the market that each is aimed at.
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Roger Demming
"Rob Grinberg" wrote
Two choices -
Release a new kit, but find a cheaper production method or never get approval to do it
Go to management asking for funding to produce a new kit a la Spitfires, forget about any new releases at all.
I think Airfix did the right thing
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Shane Weier

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