FIAT 3000 Model 21 tank reference?

Hi Folks,
I recently purchased (admittedly, an impulse buy) a Tauro 1:35 scale
FIAT 3000 Model 21 tank kit. I've found very little in the way of
reference material on the 'Net. Does anyone have any color photos of
this beast? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Take care,
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Matt Guilfoyle
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Color images of Italian subjects like that are rather unusual, not to say rare. I don't remember to have ever seen one of the Fiat 3000 while reading various books about italian armoured vehicles. BTW the Fiat 3000 has been used until WWII in metropolitan defence (i.e. Sicily), so it is possible that some US combat camera came across some of them while loaded with color film.
Try this url:
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least there are color pictures of various finished models so that you can get some sort of inspiration. HTH
-- Luca Beato -
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Luca Beato
I can't think of any good references for this beast -- I made the mistake of loaning out the one reference book I had which was a complete history of Italian tanks from 1918 to 1945 which was a very dumb move.
The kit is not too bad BUT THE TRACKS DO NOT FIT!!!
Not sure what to use to replace them.
Cookie Sewell
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