CF-100 "CLUNK" Reference Help

Hi all, I picked up a Hobbycrap 1/48 CF-100 Mk.IV at the Charlotte contest on the 19th. (Great show Guys!) Anyway, I've looked all over the net and have found only a very few cockpit photos. Looking for cockpit & gear bay photos/drawings. The kit's a DOG,but buildable, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daveout...

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Dave Pepper
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Is it worse than the old Aurora rendition?

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Old Timer

No, just different. Here's a link to a builder who had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on his hands.

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For the OP, consider finding Larry Millberry's _Avro CF-100_ published by Canav books in the early 90s.

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Jeff C

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