Heller/Airfix/Revell 1/100 HMS Victory

Has anyone authored a book on it? I have looked at the instruction sheet that is included by default, and as a result have requested the original Heller sheet from Airfix/Humbrol.

The instruction are quite abstract, and I acknowledge that the box does say for advanced modelers, but one step included over 250 sub assemblies.

Just wondering if anyone has authored a book ala "How to build plastic ships" or to that effect for the USS Constitution/President.

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They say the biggest drawback to the kit are the instructions.

Kalmbach had one out years ago called "How to Build Plastic Ships" but it is long out of print.

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Ron Smith

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Not an answer to your question, but the Airfix and the Heller Victories are NOT the same kit.

Now, to your specific questions- yes, there are several good books on building plastic model ships.

Also, there is MUCH on the 'net about the Victory. Consider joining the ship modeling mailing list. There have been some good discussions lately about Victory kits, and how the Victory changed through the years. Go to Yahoo groups and search for model shipbuilding, or go to Seaways.com

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Don Stauffer

There is also an HMS Victory email list newsgroup thats dedicated to building the HMS Victory

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The absolute, all time best, book on the Victory is a tome called 'The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships'... No plastic, but a keel up look by a man who scratch built a very large scale wooden model.

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Don Stauffer wrote in news:4Quwf.4$_J6.256 @news.uswest.net:

Could you expand on this? I was under the impression there was only one set of molds that was shared. It seems rather remarkable that 2 related companies would have 2 sets of molds for a fairly esoteric and low volume of sales kit. Even amongst ship modelers this can't be in everyone's closet!

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Gray Ghost

Don Stauffer wrote in news:4Quwf.4$ snipped-for-privacy@news.uswest.net:

Actually they are :-)

The 1/100 one that is.

Airfix has another 2: The early series 1 small kit and one at 1/180.

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Peter Baxter

I would suggest getting a copy of the instructions for the Revell 1/96 Constitution -- or even building one for practice -- before tackling the Victory. The Revell instructions are very well done, especially concerning the rigging, which is similar on the Victory.

Everything in the Heller instructions should be taken with a grain of salt. Don't follow them blindly -- study the parts and the sequence of assembly carefully. You'll undoubtedly come up with better ways to do things than those mentioned in the instructions.

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Alexander Arnakis

The Author was C. Nepean Longridge, I believe.

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