Airfix 1:48 Seafire FR46/FR47

Have any of you built the Airfix 1:48 Seafire FR46 ? If so do you still
have (unused) the the wing parts for the FR47 version. In particular the
lower surface central section (Part No 106) which I have ruined completely
(please don't ask me how). More to the point would you be prepared to part
with it. I am quite prepared to pay for it. I tried eBay but Nope. I
could finish the build as an FR46 but I just like the FR47.
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John E
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If you are going to build the model with the wings extended then I recommend that you use the complete undersurface from the 46 and scribe in the fold line. Doing it that way will mean that the wing is a great deal more robust. I built mine using the recommended parts and had lots of problems getting the outer wing panels to stay with the rest of the aircraft. I also had to do a lot of cleaning up to get the parts to blend together. If you use the 47 lowersurfaces with the 47 uppersurfaces, the joint along the wing fold should be a lot easier to clean up.
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Enzo Matrix
"Enzo Matrix" wrote in news:
Good thinking batman. I'll give it a whirl.
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John E

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