Need 1/48 Seafire FR46/47 cockpit set and decals

Anyone got a detail set for the Airfix 1/48 Seafire FR46/47? Also anyone got
decals for the same? I know there was Aeromaster #48-296 which I would be
interested in any others?
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Hub & Diane Plott III
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Hub: I have two of them down in the basememt somewhere. I just went looking for them but can't seem to lay my hands on them at the moment. I got mine several years ago and seem to remember they were done by Cutting Edge but don't know if they're still in production. Check out the Meteor Productions website or give Dave Klaus a call and ask him. Since I built a Korean War Seafire, I used the kit decals I never had an interest in aftermarket decals so don't know of any that might be available.
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