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Does any manufacturer make a 1/48 scale P-47 kit depicting a P-47D-16-RE razorback? I have the older Hasegawa 1/48 P-47D (kit number Jt57 from 1998) which purports to be a P-47D-15 or a -20. I know there were some differences in the -15 and -20 on the wing pylons but I don't know which variant the Hasegawa kit pylons fit.

I also know the -15 and -16 variants were externally the same so, if this kit is a reasonable rendition of a -15, that's OK by me. I'll take it and get on with construction.

Any P-47 experts out there?


Ed R.

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What version was the old Hawk kit?

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Arii made one, here is a link to the one I just did for an event this weekend.

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You'll be able to see who it was for from the picture. All in all not a bad kit, I do think the wings are a bit thick.

Tamiya probably has the best P-47, which is in my stack to build soon. Hawkeye

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Here is an excerpt of Tom Cleaver's review of the Tamiya razorback (kit no.

61086) at the Modeling Madness website:

"The one thing about the cowling is that only the late version cowling flaps are supplied, which means you can only make a P-47D-11 through P-47D-23 sub-type."

Doesn't mention the pylons, however.

HTH Pip Moss

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Pip Moss

Ed, I just did a Google search on the P-47D-16-RE razorback you are looking for and found a ton of stuff. Copy the underscored lines and past them in the Google window.

Ray Austin, TX ===

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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman

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