Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1 1/48

I now have this model (looks like a lot of work) and I have heard that
the ailerons are too long, i.e. the dividing line to the flaps is in
the wrong position and needs to be relocated - filled and rescribed in
the correct position.
Does anyone know about a link addressing this? (I have no references
yet for the SHar)
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Hi Ingo,
IIRC Airfix reworked the wing when the FA.2 kit was released and the new wing was included in subsequent releases of the FRS.1 and GR.3 kits.
If you have a recent kit with the nice boxart of 899 squadron anniversary scheme, then the wing should be right.
As a simple guide the flap should be longer than the aileron, in the original release the aileron and flap lengths were transposed.
A great starting point is the Harrier SIG :
formatting link
Happy modelling Ant
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Ant Phillips
Thanks a lot! No, I my copy must be one of the older releases; features mostly Falkland SHars. Boxart is a model photo. But I'll get myself the FA2 as well and then I'll see. Although the transposed lengths are a good hint anyway. Great website (harrier.hyperlinx) TY Ingo
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Ingo Degenhardt
One of the regulars here has a quote after his name about the fact that you can agonise over the accuracy of the model .........but the judges will still flame of luck
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