Sea Harrier FRS. 1 paint colors?

I'm building a 1:144 Minicraft kit of the SHAR, but the instructions are hopeless. The colors aren't specified more than "blue" and "gray", and I don't have/can't find any photos I can match the colors to. What colors would give good results for the top (blue) and bottom (gray) of the fuselage?

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Harro de Jong

Hi Harro,

The Sea Harrier has undergone several changes of colour scheme in its 25 year service life, the following is a rough guide :


1979 to April 1982 - Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG) uppersurfaces with White undersides, Type D roundels in six positions, large black serials underwings, full colour unit insignia..

April 1982 to June '82 (Falklands campaign) - White undersurfaces replaced with EDSG and White of roundels and code letters overpainted in Roundel Blue, unit insignia & Royal Navy titles overpainted in EDSG.

1982 - Some aircraft were painted in Medium Sea Grey uppersurfaces and fuselage with Barley Grey under wings and tailplanes, roundels were also lo-vis Pink & Pale Blue on fuselage only, no roundels on wings.This was the scheme worn by 809 squadron during its short existence, with unit insignia in Pink / Pale Blue

1983 - 1995 Overall Dark Sea Grey (DSG) with Red / Blue tactical roundels in six positions, Black code letters, serials, RN titles and outline unit insignia.


1995 to date - Overall Med Sea Grey with White codes, serials, RN titles and squadron insignia with lo-vis Pink & Pale Blue roundels on fuselage only. For operations over Bosnia unit insignias were removed. In recent years full colour insignia has returned.

Some early FA.2 aircraft were painted in the overall DSG scheme but this was the exception rather than the norm.

I'm sure there are some discrepancies in this and I'm also sure other schemes existed.

Hope this helps & happy modelling

Ant Phillips 'Standing on the shoulders of giants'

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Ah, thanks. That was exactly what I needed.

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