1/72 scale Sea Harrier FA2

Can anyone advise if the Sea Harrier FA2 as used at the moment by the Fleet
Air Arm of The Royal Navy is available as a 1/72 scale kit in plastic or
even resin??
Or is the only option the conversion kits for the old Sea Harrier FRS1 ??
many thanks
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There is no dedicated kit of the F/A-2 as of yet. I'm sorta working on and off on the Whirlybird conversion for the Esci / Italeri kit (wildely seen as the best Shar FRS.1 kit uin 1/72nd) which gives you a new radome, fuselage plug and leading edge sections. It looks nice enough.
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Andre van der Hoek
no kit made, resin conv is, hannants sold them, forget by who, had some, quite easy to convert with it.
Esci best FRS1, got a few as well as hase, Fujimi, Mbox.....again why do people have more than one i will never know, must have about 10.
Decals are going to be your hardest problem in this scale
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Its quite a simple conversion in 1/72 scale I did one a few years back with an esci SHAR, cut the rear fuselage add a plug of plastic card for the extension, and shape a block of balsa / basswood for the radome, or use a suitable drop tank and milliput.
The wing leading edge is a simple fix, add a fence and remove the inner dog tooth.
Some of the more recent colour schemes have been similar to the SHAR 1 schemes of the late 80's & 90's so decals are less of a problem.
I'm surprised Hasegawa or Italeri haven't retooled any of the FRS.1 moulds to portray the FA.2, but then again we only got the FRS.1 kits on the back of the Falklands war.
Happy modelling Ant 'Standing on the shoulders of giants'
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Ant Phillips
i know the people behind M.A out of my price range
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