[Q] Italeri 1/48 Sea Flanker?

Is this simply a Su-27 with added canards? How's the detail and can the wings fold? Does it include weapons?

One thing I don't quite like about Italeri kits is the lack of photos on the box.

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The only Italeri 'Sea Flanker' that I know of is the 1:72 scale version - and a Su-33 it ain't !!!

It is their bog-standard Su-27 with candards that are just attached to the forward chine - there is no 'proper' LERX as such.

It also does not have the other Su-33 features - such as shortened tailcone, bigger wing, offset IRST, IFR probe etc.

See my Flanker kits survey at :-

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for a more comrehensive review.

There is currently no kit of the Su-27K/Su-33 Flanker-D in 1:72 scale - you have to make one yourself - see the link to my Su-27K conversion article in the above survey.

In 1:48 scale there is an excellent conversion set from SOL to convert the Academy Su-27 into a Su-27K/Su33 - although I have never made it myself, it being in 'girls scale'


PS - I see that Airfix have at last re-released their excellent (from an accuracy point of view) 1:72 scale kit of the Su-27 - although it looks like it has the same tired old decal sheet!!

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