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Next kit is a re-build of an early 70's (maybe even 60's) Klingon ship. I see references on the net for Mark Fergel's super-accurizing article for that very kit, which is supposed to be on CultTVMan's website, but I can't find it anywhere. I tried Google and came up with only outdated links. Does anyone know where I can find that article or maybe an alternate source of super-accurizing info for the kit? Thanks.


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That kit requires very little accurizing. AMT produced it by tracing the original 29" studio FX miniature with a 3D pantograph, so it's an almost exact scaled-down duplicate. But they did make a few minor changes:

  • AMT added a grill detail to the "intakes" on the leading edges of the "wings". Those areas should be recessed but smooth.
  • AMT enlarged the round green lights/ports on the top of the bridge section; they should be about 1/2 to 1/3 as big.
  • AMT added long narrow 6-sided grill details on the top where the "wings" meet the main body. (They're shown in studio drawings that were reproduced in "The Making of Star Trek", but don't appear in the photos I took of the studio model at the Smithsonian exhibit, nor in the model's box art.)
  • AMT added raised panels on the front of the main body, to help align the boom when gluing it on.
  • AMT removed 3 small beads from the top, which apparently were used to hang the model from wires. One is on the "head", just in front of the two raised ridged panels behind the bridge section. The other two are near the outer corners of the wings.
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