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Being Tig'less, I've been looking for an inexpensive tig locally. I found a Miller Econo Twin HF(not an econo tig) for what I think is a good price. It has been used as a stick welder and comes with a ground clamp and a stinger, but no torch.

Can you still get a torch that will work with this machine? Any reason to stay away from this bargain? Thanks Mike M.

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You should be able to go to any local welding supply house to get a torch and foot control that will just bolt on.

Found this post:

"Hi Rick, The Econo twin first came out in the early 70's maybe 71 or 72, and was a big hit with the rod burners as it had a very stable arc with a CU wound x-former. Very easy machine to move around because of it's small size with a nice cylinder rack on the back of the machine. Had a very good stable HF unit and was a great Tig machine for field work, it's intended design. Can't remember the duty cycle but it had to be 60% plus as I ran many 8hr days with it Tig welding SS. I don't see why more contractors didn't use them as they were a great unit. T_Bone"


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You can download an owner's manual here (if you don't have a serial number, use one of the ones they provide in the examples):
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I don't know about the Econo Twin, but the econo tig would not go below about 30 amps. So you might check on this if you are planning on welding very thin material. Should be no problem with the torch or control. The amptrols are very expensive for what they are. I made one from a sewing machine foot pedal and a linear pot. Cost about $15, most of it for the connector.


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