Torch connectors

Hello all. I need to get an inexpensive TIG torch for a Miller Econo
Twin HF that I just picked up. I'm unsure what to ask for when buying
the torch. The welder came with cables for stick welding. The
connectors are 1.25" long and are tapered (maybe from wear) from .325"
at the tip to .355" at the base. They are solid copper connectors.
I'm assuming that I will need a torch that has separate gas and power
connectors. This welder does not have a gas solenoid so I would need a
valve on the torch.
Can anyone tell me what type of connector this is, and what it would
be called? Do I need an adapter?
Any ideas where I could find an old beater torch to use with this rig?
Or, perhaps a cheap new torch that will handle the 150 amps output
from the welder? I'm putting this together as cheap as possible since
I'm just a hobbyist and also a student.
Mike M.
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