"Harrier"- aircraft

I was just wondering what the name means...
My dictionary says it's either a bird (Weihe in german; just like that
Focke-Wulf) or sthing like a pillager.
So which of those Hawker had in mind?
It may be obvious for native English speakers and a rather silly
question, but I just do not know... :-)
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I'll repost this from an online dictionary because it seems appropriate: This is from the verb form of "harry" which we do not typically use in English. "Harrier" would be the person or thing who harries.
1. To disturb by repeated attacks:
annoy, bait, bedevil, beleaguer, beset, harass, pester, plague, tease, torment, worry.
2. To trouble persistently from or as if from all sides:
badger, bedevil, beleaguer, beset, besiege, harass, hound, importune, pester, plague, solicit.
3. To make a surprise attack on:
maraud, raid.
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A Harrier is any of several species of prey which fly low over meadows and marshes and hunt or 'harry' small animals or birds. The parent of the Harrier was the Hawker Kestrel, another bird of prey. HTH
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David Amos
Actually, it was named in honor of the engineers' favorite pass time of running and drinking alot..... ;-) "on-on"
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Well, they'd used most of the birds of prey for engine and aircraft names and 'pigeon' was next!
Hearing of the enemy calling "catch that pigeon!" would have been a bit silly.
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Richard Brooks
Hashing is no game!
It's a serious affliction.
It's been described as a bunch of beer drinkers with a running problem!
ON-ON !!!
BobbyG .... former Grand Master of the Tegucigalpa H3
The Hash: "If you have half a mind to join us .... you're overqualified!"
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Bobby Galvez
British aircraft manufacturers like doing that. Witness the Handley-Page Heyford, Halifax, Hastings, the Bristol Beaufort and Beaufighter, all of Hawker's abovementioned names and many more.
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Jessie C
Thank you all! Although I didn't get the meaning of the joking postings... :-) So it's a bird of prey - fits the a/c. by the way, many Hawker aircraft names start with an 'H' Hart Hunter Harrier Hurricane (Sea) Hawk
*time is an enemy*
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Ingo Degenhardt
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Harrier is any of several species of diurnal (animals that are active in the daytime) birds of prey which fly low over meadows and marshes and hunt or harry small animals or birds (hence their common name). Most are in the genus Circus, the scientific name also arising from the slow circling for prey. Hard to think of a more apt name.
And of course the Harrier evolved from the Kestrel: The name kestrel is given to several different members of the falcon genus, Falco. Kestrels are most easily distinguished by their typical hunting behaviour which is to hover at a height of around 10-20 m over open country and swoop down on prey. Other falcons are more adapted to active hunting on the wing. Kestrels require a slight headwind in order to hover, hence a local name of windhover for Common Kestrel. Their ability to spot prey is enhanced by being able to see ultra-violet which is strongly reflected by vole urine.
Uhm, while Harriers do carry various sensor pods I'm not sure if any can sense urine, vole or human.
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... and Hawker also named a number of their aircraft after "winds" - Typhoon, Tempest, Fury, Hurricane, Tornado. I understood that the name "Kestrel" was given to the Harrier's progenitor simply because, like the bird of prey, it could hover.
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Chris Hughes
Actually, there are a lot more variations:
Harrier: GR1 - initial single seat version GR1a - uprated engine T2 - initial two seat version T2a - uprated engine as GR1a GR3 - further uprated engine and improved sensor and countermeasures suite, including LRMTS GR3 (Corporate) - Emergency mods to allow firing of Sidewinder missiles GR3 (Phase 6) - major modification programme to reduce weight, further improve sensors and countermeasures and integrate Sidewinders with main weapons system. T4 - two seat version of GR3 T4a - as T4 but without LRMTS T4N - similar to T4a, used by Royal Navy for training Sea Harrier pilots. GR5 - initial RAF version of AV-8B GR5a - minor upgrades in weapons delivery system GR7 - major upgrade to weapons delivery system, including Maverick and Enhanced Paveway capability. GR7a - uprated engine. GR9 - further weapons system upgrade, plus GPS navigation. Uses same engine as GR7. GR9a - as GR9 but with engine of GR7a. T10 - two seat version of GR5 T12 - two seat version of GR9
Sea Harrier: FRS1: initial version FA2: stretched and upgraded version
The FRS51 and T60 were export versions of the FRS1 and T4N for India.
Note that many aircraft were successively upgraded through different marks. For instance, XV738 was the first production Harrier, built as a GR1. It was converted first to a GR1a, then to a GR3 and finally to a GR3 (Phase 6).
And that's not counting the US versions!
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Enzo Matrix
I would say the most expensive price in 72nd for any Harrier would have to be for the Heller T4, i often saw go for 40-50 quid. I have one but darnt build it.
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