Hawker Seahawk References

For the benefit of the modeller asking about the Hawker Seahawk 101, there are two references that should still be currently available.

  1. Warpaint #29, "The Hawker Seahawk: by Tony Buttler. Published by Hall-Park Books, P.O.Box 1701, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK 17
8YZ, United Kingdom. This is a 40 page 8 1/2" by 11" "profile" type publication with lots of color profiles, many color and monochrome photographs and two pages of 1/72 scale drawings. One of the sideviews in the drawings shows the Mk.101 with the Ekco 38B radar pod on the port pylon. An excellent reference for the modeller looking for painting and marking info.

  1. 4+ Publications, "The Hawker Seahawk", by Michal Ovcacik and Karel Susa. published by Mark 1 Ltd., P.O.Box 10, 100 31 Prague 10 - Strasnice, Czech Republic. ISBN 80-902559-3-0

38 pages, more technical and less color oriented than item 1 above. It does contain several pages of 1/72 scale drawings, much more detailed than the drawings in item 1. There is a drawing showing weapons loadouts and details of all the underwing gubbins that applied to the Seahawk in British, Dutch and German service. Most photographs are monochrome but there are several very nice color shots of museum and the Royal Navy's restored Historic flight bird.

I have Falcon's 1/48 Hawker Seahawk vac-u-form to the decalling stage and of course my curse has struck. Classic Airframes has announced a

1/48 scale injection molded kit for early next year. Damn, it never fails.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey
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My preferred hobby supplier has this available.

And this includes the Ekco 38B?

That's the one with the diamond emblem on the side, right?

Speaking of Falcon, does anyone know if the vacuform canopy for the Airfix 1/72 Sea Hawk (included in Set No.19: Fleet Air Arm) fits on the MPM kit? The kit canopy is very thick, one-piece and has dirt on it. Soaking in dish water didn't help.

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Toni Lassila

Some Seahawk pics on Dutch NAVY ones can be found here:

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