Old unmade Hawker Typhoon models

I have a real Hawker Typhoon project but decided to include a collection of all unmade model kits (balsa as well as plastic!) to go with the project. E-bay has made the task much quicker but there are still some difficult to find kits I still need. So, is there anyone out there that can help me find the following kits below:

Plasta Plane ?scale circa 1944 Frog Penguin 1/72 circa 1946 (kit ident. 101P). Eagle/Eaglewall 1/93 scale circa 1960-62. Sankyo 1/150 late 1950s Sanwa 1/93 1960s (kit ident. 1108).

If you can't help at the moment please make a note of my email address and get in contact when you can.

Thanks from,

Brian Barnes

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Brian Barnes
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