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Just a heads up about a possible source of reference drawings unfolding. The subject of accurate drawings for model reference has come up on here from time to time. One of the best draftsmen in the business has retired from his "day job" and now is doing work for SAM publications. Arthur Bentley has two pages of 1/72 scale drawings of the Grumman Hellcat in the Vol.11, no.10 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International (with the yellow Bell Airacomet on the cover) and a several page foldout of his superb drawings to the Hawker Hurricane in

1/48 scale in the latest (November) issue of Model Aircraft Monthly. If you wanna super detail a Hurricane, these are the drawings to have.

Usual disclaimer; I am not related to Mr. Bemtley and have no stock in SAM publications. :-)

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There are also some commercial sources for scale drawings and reference materials. Unfortunately, their packages often cost more than the kit :-( The two volume books of Paul Matt drawings are still being printed.

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