New Tool 1/72 Sea Vixen?

Hyea folks!

Anyone know if the stuff coming out of Rev-Germ. is new tool or just re-pops of old Frog/Hawk/AMT kits? I'm really interested in getting a decent kit of the Sea Vixen and there's a R-G kit avail. on ebay lately, but I'm not interested in a 3rd copy of the Frog kit. :)



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Having finally gone stash diving to find my Hannants-supplied Novo bagging of the Frog kit, I can confirm that it matches the Revell-Germany boxing.

To pass a few minutes I compared the two incarnations of these sprues in more detail.

The Novo production has a "MADE IN USSR" tab on one sprue, but otherwise keeps the Frog number F409 on the sprues. The tranparency sprue is very heavily engineered, feeding the observers sidewindow and the nosewheel door components from two sides. The plastic is off-white, with variations in colour, and quite a lot of flash. The parts seem a little thicker than the later Revell castings. The instruction sheet is a printed copy of the Frog sheet with a small added panel identifying Hannants as the importer - it may have been produced by Hannants. Decals for XJ580 of 899 Sqdn and XN690 of 892 Sqdn, in register. No decal positioning or colour scheme guidance - I think that was on the Frog box.

Revell have erased the "MADE IN USSR" leaving a blank tab. The F409 number still appears on the sprues though. The transparency sprue is more delicate - components fed from one side. The sprues are flash-free, the mould cleanup presumably being restricted to skimming the mating surfaces, which may also account for the thinner appearance of some components. Larger decal sheet includes the red "no step" markings and roundels with separate red centers, but too dark a blue. A sharkmouthed XS577 from 899 Sqdn and XJ607 of 890 Sqdn.

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