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Heya folks!

Very stupid question. Well, more of a "please tell me that I'm not an idiot" kinda question...

The bottom fuselage piece has a pair of pegs sticking out of it just aft of the main gear. These same pegs are shown in the kit instructions. At no time are they ever shown to be removed. They are also _NOT_ shown on the decal placement 4 view diagrams.

I've never seen these pegs on real a/c, whether in person or in photos. I'm going to PREsume that Academy just left a step outta the instructions somewhere telling you to cut them off.

Can anyone verify this for me?!?!?!



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check out

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its from the last flight at one of the Edwards airshows when it retired. Way after I left there. You can enlarge it pretty well and check whats underneath.

From way back in the dark ages, I don't think there was much that protruded on that aircraft. They even found screws that weren't tight changing the RCS on it. They even used to put the paint on the edges of the cockpit after the canopy was closed initially. Don't know if that went on operationally, initially there was a lot of decreasing RCS work on that.

They even had to hang a RADAR beacon on it for the flight tests. Couldn't do a skin track on it, so had to have some way to figure out where it was.

It almost had as much weird stories as the SR-71 did. Like the ruby inlets on the prototypes. At $10 million each, that was a bit much for decreasing RCS. I think that was only on one aircraft.

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