IPMS/Dayton will be conducting it's annual Great Kit Exchange on 20 November, 2005. The Exchange will begin at 3 P.M. at the Memorial Baptist Church, 1222 North Main Street, Dayton, Ohio. Go to

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for map. For any additional information, contact Mark Young at or 937-376-2136.

The Kit Exchange will be in the form of an auction - You sell your kits and buy someone else's!!

The basic rules are:

15 kits per lot, per round. After first round, a decision will be made as to a second round or not.

Other than expecting the items to be hobby related, there are no restrictions on items.

Lot numbers will be drawn at random.

There is a $2.00 "donation" for a lot number. ($2.00 is our normal dues)

All auction participants (seller and/or buyer) must have a lot number.

10 percent of the selling price is deducted by IPMS/Dayton.

Soft drinks/water and light snacks will be available for a nominal fee.

Please note: This year will determine whether the Great Kit Exchange will be continued in the future. The effects of e-Bay and other venues have eroded participation in the Great Kit Exchange . We want to continue holding the Great Kit Exchange , but can only do so with your support.

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Mark E. Young, Jr.
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