Is this kit the original release or a reissue?

Hi All-
I've got a Revell Mickey Thompson Challenger I kit, and I can't tell
if it's the original or the 1990s reissue. The box says the cat # is
H:1281:198; copyright 1962. The contents are in a sealed plastic bag.
What say you all?
Thank you very much.
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I wasn't around in '62, but I'm doubting they sealed them in a bag then.
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-me too ;(
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I'm guessing it's the '90s release. I can remember seeing lots of kit= s, as a little kid in the mid - late '60s. not only were parts not in plast= ic bags in the boxes, many boxes weren't sealed, much less even taped close= d. I vividly remember looking at the Hawk 1/48 and 1/72 models in a mom and= pop store, no plastic bags nor wrap, no tape, just open the boxes and fond= le the parts. I can also vivdly recall looking at an Aurora X-18 and a few = other Aurora models packaged that way at a United Dollar Store down the str= eet from my granddaady's house. I can still hear him telling me there are '= too many little parts, maybe when you're older'.
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I know this is from a while ago, but just look on the flat piece that makes up the bottom of the car-you will probably see "Revell 1986" molded into t his part, I was led to believe I was buying an original kit until I noticed this. I can't find any other indication that this kit is a reissue anywher e! Parts weren't sealed, so that didn't factor in!
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Revell is famous for reissuing old kits in new boxes. If you're wondering whether a kit is a new issue or not, try looking it up at to see whether they've got the history of the kit listed.
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